Getting Started


No. 5

Create a customized PDF

Automatically generate a PDF survey or tour book from data in LeaseUp

LeaseUp's PDF creation tool showing a page of buildings in a comparison table view.

LeaseUp's PDF Designer lets you automatically generate PDF surveys and tour books in a couple of clicks. To get started, click the page icon in the top right of a survey's page navigation area.

At the top of the settings panel you’ll see a layouts menu. Layouts give you and your team different options for presenting market data to clients, so you can create the perfect market survey with the design you and your clients want.

Our PDF Designer also lets you reorder building/space fields with a simple drag and drop, add a custom cover page, or add your client’s logo. 

PDF settings are saved as you go, eliminating the need to redo work, and empty PDF pages are automatically excluded from export so your deliverables don’t feel incomplete.

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