The platform that gets you to lease, faster

Instead of making PDFs and PPTs, you’ll deliver your client a digital experience, complete with maps, links, comments, and data points. The net result? You’re far ahead of the curve.

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What customers are saying

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“LeaseUp has changed how we share information with clients. Clients today expect modern, easy to use software from their service providers. We didn't have that, now with LeaseUp, we do.”

Dan Goob, President at Prime PG

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“As soon as I was introduced to LeaseUp I knew this was the modern, professional way I wanted to interact with my clients. It helps me quickly share options with the whole decision-making team and speeds up the process with clear feedback and facilitates tours without any extra steps.”

Chad Jewell, 
Founder of Austin Office Space

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“Commercial real estate is finally transitioning into the digital world and LeaseUp has allowed us to more easily lead in this transformation. It's helped us differentiate ourselves, improve our credibility and win more business.”

Ryan Hartsell, Managing Partner at Oxford Partners

Modernize the commercial real estate transaction

Imagine if PDFs were still the only way we interacted with our investments, bills, and bookings? Let us show you the demonstrably better way to communicate with your clients.

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Build better presentations, 
faster, with your team

Complete the survey process–in minutes instead of days–and focus on winning new business.

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Easily share your market knowledge with your client

Create your LeaseUp survey, complete with detailed descriptions, maps, and data points.

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Quickly refine your tenant's search

Gauge interest and answer questions, all within a survey your tenants can view on any browser, on any device.

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Centralize communication and collaboration for your tenants

Consolidate communication in one place, and never lose a message from your client ever again.

Measureable value

Create Surveys In Minutes, Not Hours

“LeaseUp is saving my team hours on every deal...”

Craig Coppola
Founding partner at Lee & Associates

Instantly Update or Change Your Survey

“LeaseUp lets me make changes according to the needs of the client...”

Chase Bourdelaise
Managing Director, Transwestern

Increase Top of Funnel Sales Activity

“LeaseUp is solving a very slow and complex part of the typical site selection process...”

Tanner Milne
Founder, Menlo CRE


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Pricing is tailored to your needs, starting with LeaseUp’s Base Package:

  • Unlimited user accounts for everyone at your firm
  • A white-labeled interface
  • Up to 20 active surveys at a time
  • Automated report creation
  • Digital site selection workflows
  • Branded PDF exports
  • Mobile touring for all team members and clients

Additional premium features include:

  • Firm-to-firm sharing
  • Custom report templates
  • Survey enrichment integrations
  • CRM API and data integrations
  • Deal flow analytics
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