The CRE deal platform for the modern broker

LeaseUp enables brokers to get more deals done faster by providing them with a set of tools that streamlines their existing workflows. Our features help reduce manual work, save time when working with market data, and centralize communication and collaboration.

10 min

Fastest time to get from raw data to shared survey

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+2 weeks

Get deals done up to 
2 weeks faster

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Less manual work with our reusable data

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Manage all of your work in one place

Your dashboard shows you what’s happening with your clients, projects, and teammates, so you always know what to focus on next.

Supporting Features

  • Dashboard of organized projects
  • Aggregated activity feedcoming soon
  • Smart reminderscoming soon

Stay organized with client projects

Keep all surveys, tours, and documents for a project in one place. Add search requirements, and track status from search to signature.

Supporting Features

  • Search requirements
  • Project phase tracking
  • Projects organized by client

“Typically, years ago, it would take about a week to turn over one survey. Now as long as we’ve got the data, we can put that into LeaseUp and be done with that survey within under an hour.”

Melissa Kennedy
Director of Property Research and Compliance, Partners

Surveys and tours in a fraction of the time

Go from market data to survey in a fraction of the time with our CSV importer. You can reuse your data across other projects, surveys, and tours.

Supporting Features

  • CSV importer
  • Interactive digital surveys
  • Digital tour experience
  • Bulk edit survey datacoming soon

Polished PDFs and custom templates

Add your firm’s branding to LeaseUp’s website, email, and PDF templates. Give your clients a consistent experience across desktop, mobile, email, and PDF.

Supporting Features

  • PDF creation tool
  • Custom PDF templates
  • White labeled product experience

“LeaseUp consolidates far more photos, floor plans, and data than you would be able to in the old Excel template to PDF.”

Corbin Shoquist
Senior associate, site selection group

Centralize communication

Work on your project in one place and keep everyone on the same page with centralized messaging and activity feeds.

Supporting Features

  • Project chat coming soon
  • Project activity feedcoming soon
  • Building comments and feedback

Close deals with document sharing

Share documents from within a project to keep everything accessible in one place. Use the comments feature to communicate with your client to close deals faster.

Supporting Features

  • Organization and sharing coming soon
  • Comments and feedback coming soon
  • Digital proposal experience coming soon