Deliver a frictionless, polished client experience

LeaseUp transforms the broker/client relationship with our professional, polished set of client deliverables across web, PDF, and mobile. Differentiate yourself from the competition and deliver the modern software experience that your clients are expecting.


Fewer emails with our chat and activity feeds

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1 Place

Client feedback collected in one place

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+2 Weeks

Cut two weeks or more off client back-and-forth

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White-labeled experience

Add your firm’s branding to LeaseUp’s website, email, and PDF templates. Give your clients a consistent experience across desktop, mobile, email, and PDF.

Supporting Features

  • Email templates
  • Branded product UI
  • Custom PDF templates

Generate a history of the project

Project chat and activity track what’s happening in a project so you and your clients have a record of conversations, decisions, and all of the work you’ve done together.

Supporting Features

“For clients to see something that’s super easy and interactive for them to use, and they can easily share it with their colleagues, it was a no-brainer for us.”

Joe Langhoff

Real Estate Advisor, Colliers

Collect feedback quickly and easily

Clients give quick feedback by marking a building as a favorite or not interested so you know how to evolve their search. Building comments capture their likes and dislikes about individual buildings and spaces.

Supporting Features

  • Organize buildings by interest
  • Building comments
  • Smart reminderscoming soon

Facilitate confident decision-making

LeaseUp’s building, survey, and comparison pages let you highlight the market data that most impacts your client’s decision-making.

Supporting Features

  • Interactive building comparison
  • Dynamic, digital surveys
  • Dedicated building pages

“There’s no way we could go back to the old way… our clients have gotten used to the speed that we’re able to deliver.”

Allie McCracken

Associate, Transwestern

Polished output across web and PDF

Create professional digital surveys, tour books, and PDFs that look good, and are organized with your client’s experience in mind.

Supporting Features

  • Custom presentation of data
  • Polished PDF templates
  • Consistent look and feel

An app-like mobile experience

The mobile-specific version of LeaseUp was designed with special attention paid to the features you and your client would use more on the go: project chat, surveys, and tour books.

Supporting Features

  • Streamlined survey experience coming soon
  • SMS-style project chat UI coming soon
  • Optimized on-tour experience coming soon