Customer Stories


July 13, 2022

Chris Gorczyca makes surveys 75% faster with LeaseUp

“It started with just me wanting to make my life easier, plain and simple”

Light green background with two speech bubbles facing each other, the left says "Customer Stories" with the LeaseUp logo, and the right says "Chris Gorczyca, Managing Director, T3 Advisors."
Light green background with two speech bubbles facing each other, the left says "Customer Stories" with the LeaseUp logo, and the right says "Chris Gorczyca, Managing Director, T3 Advisors."

Chris Gorczyca, Corporate Managing Director at Savills in Boston, wears several hats. He's in the weeds gathering data, calling other brokers, and creating surveys himself. "Anything that helps make the survey process quicker and more repeatable was exactly what I was looking for."

Right off the bat, LeaseUp dramatically cut down the time it took Chris to make a survey. Before it’d take anywhere from a couple of hours to a full work day. Now it takes Chris between 30 minutes and two hours to create a new survey using LeaseUp — that’s up to 75% faster.

Surveys in 30 minutes

Chris’s process for making a survey before LeaseUp was “a convoluted, messy system,” in his own words. He’d start in Google Maps, dropping pins and adding information manually, sometimes including a Dropbox link for brochures. Some clients wanted to see info in a spreadsheet, so he’d make those, too. Bigger clients would require a nice PowerPoint that could double as a printed tour book, which could take a day by itself. “I was looking for consistency and ease.”

Now making a client-ready survey takes a fraction of the time. Once Chris has everything he needs it takes him 2-3 minutes to add a building with all of its data to LeaseUp. This means a 10-site survey takes about half an hour. Chris can easily reuse building data from previous surveys when creating new ones using the same spaces.

Clients love the deliverable

Not only did surveys take longer using the old method, but the end product was "a pretty unspectacular deliverable." Now surveys look professional and consistent for clients across the board. "There's a consistency of our deliverable with the client, and that's important."

Chris is a tenant rep for life science companies with real estate needs on both coasts, and says the consistency of LeaseUp’s product across different markets is a benefit.

His clients use LeaseUp’s collaborative features to signal quick feedback to Chris as the client search evolves. "I have enjoyed that, because sometimes there's multiple players in the room who are involved in the real estate decision-making process. It's been helpful to see, oh this person liked this space, or that person likes something about that building, or doesn't like this — the comments are there. I like seeing their thought process."

Takes less time to get deals done

Using the old system of spreadsheets, maps, and PowerPoints, client feedback would take a longer time to negotiate as Chris moved a deal from survey, to tour, to signature. “It was always, ‘Can I see a map of this?’ or ‘Can I get this lined up with a spreadsheet so I can compare?’” Inevitably, there would be follow-up additions needed after the initial survey — sometimes they'd want to see a spreadsheet as a map, sometimes vice versa. "Whereas [LeaseUp] is clean, slick, no one's had any issues.” Chris and his clients can click through LeaseUp live to refine a survey, or use it to take notes on spaces during a tour, easily switching between map and table views for relevant details and moving the deal forward more efficiently.

“LeaseUp’s been a super helpful product. It’s made my life easier.”

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