August 3, 2023

How teams use LeaseUp to streamline their work

Here’s how different roles within brokerage teams use LeaseUp

Light green background with an illustration of building cards on the right and a large cursor placing one from the list into a survey page on the left.
Light green background with an illustration of building cards on the right and a large cursor placing one from the list into a survey page on the left.

LeaseUp is a flexible tool that helps brokerage teams save time and work together more efficiently. Whether you’re support staff creating surveys for multiple brokers, part of a marketing team that produces client-facing PDF deliverables, or a broker with multiple clients and active searches at any given time, LeaseUp has tools to help with collaboration and speeding up the transaction process.

Here’s an overview of how to integrate LeaseUp into the workflow of three different roles at a firm.

Support staff

As support staff on a brokerage team, LeaseUp saves you time creating and updating surveys. Some users say it helps them make surveys 75% faster. Surveys are organized into LeaseUp projects, which makes it easier for you to stay organized if you’re working with multiple brokers across different projects or deals.

If you need to print or send a file to a client, our PDF creation tool empowers you to make marketing-approved PDFs in a few clicks, based on the survey you’ve been refining. LeaseUp is a huge time-saver and efficiency booster for support staff.


As a team member working in marketing, it’s typical to be in charge of creating client deliverables like PDFs that communicate clearly, and look great. LeaseUp’s PDF creation tool helps streamline this process by allowing you to quickly deliver polished, professional PDFs built from the data in your surveys.

LeaseUp’s PDFs are customizable: you can quickly convert digital survey data to customized PDFs with your firm’s branding and the client company’s logo. Our built-in page layouts give you different options for presenting market data to clients, with different designs that can support a wide range of layouts and content.


For brokers, LeaseUp is a powerful tool to manage all of your work across projects. Client communication and feedback gathering is organized in project folders for easy reference.

Brokers create data rich surveys on LeaseUp by importing a CSV into a survey page, which automatically generates a shareable survey in a matter of minutes. LeaseUp’s ability to share the exact data you want means you're giving  clients all of the information they need to make decisions, and clients can share feedback or ask questions directly with their broker in LeaseUp.

Clients can quickly compare the survey data they care most about by easily switching between map and listing data within a survey on LeaseUp. Brokers can see activity from their client as they view and favorite buildings, and update the LeaseUp survey on the fly as the search evolves.

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