November 15, 2022


2 Min.

How sharing works in LeaseUp projects

Flexible project teams let you quickly share work with coworkers and clients

Off white background with a line drawing of project cards and arrows pointing to the right
Off white background with a line drawing of project cards and arrows pointing to the right
Article summary: Discover how sharing works in LeaseUp projects, facilitating seamless collaboration among brokers, team members, and clients. Easily add members, whether brokers or clients, and designate their roles with just a few clicks. Ready to experience LeaseUp projects? Sign up for a free trial today.

Collaboration has always been at the center of LeaseUp’s design. Our new projects feature lets you share your work in flexible ways: internally, with other brokers or team members, and externally with clients.

How to share a project

From a project page, click the project team icon in the top right navigation bar. This will show you the project team screen, where you can manage project members.

To share a project, click ‘Add Team Member’. From here, select whether the new member is a broker or a client.

Share a project with a broker

To add a broker, select ‘Add Broker’ from the menu. Type the broker’s email address or select from the menu that appears below the field. Next, select the role. Brokers can have two different roles: editor or viewer. Click ‘Add’ to add the broker. They will receive an email asking them to join the project.

Share a project with a client

To add a client, select ‘Add Client’ from the menu. From the screen that appears, enter the email addresses of the people you want to invite, and choose whether to notify the people you’re inviting with an email. You can add a message to the notification in the text field below. Click ‘Add’ to add the clients to the project. If you chose for them to be notified, they will receive a notification email.

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