March 21, 2023


3 Min.

How to pitch a client using LeaseUp

Tips for using LeaseUp in a pitch to win new business

Light yellow background with a diagram of a building and two people chatting with arrows pointing in both directions signifying a conversation
Light yellow background with a diagram of a building and two people chatting with arrows pointing in both directions signifying a conversation
Article summary: CEO Kurt Chisholm provides three strategies for brokers to utilize LeaseUp effectively in client pitches. First, brokers should initiate with an interactive demo of a survey to illustrate market insights and property details dynamically. Next, they should immerse clients in LeaseUp's digital experience during the pitch to showcase its seamless functionality. Finally, brokers can leverage LeaseUp for post-meeting follow-ups, maintaining engagement and facilitating further interactions with clients.

This post was written by our CEO, Kurt Chisholm

The commercial real estate market is as competitive as ever, and brokerages are looking for creative ways to differentiate themselves. We hear about this from our users all the time. They want something that helps them stand out from the crowd, that they can use in a pitch to help them win business. 

We are seeing brokers on LeaseUp doing exactly that: utilizing our tech to win client pitches. Here are three tips for using LeaseUp to bring in more business:

Start with an interactive demo of a survey

Let's say you’re helping a client find a new headquarters. You can build the surveys that you think are going to work for the client ahead of time in LeaseUp by uploading data from a CSV, or repurposing data from a similar pitch/survey you’ve done in the past.

When you show up to the pitch, talk about the market by doing an interactive flyover of all the buildings using the map in our digital surveys. Talk about what you’re seeing in the market while clicking through the buildings you’ve pulled together in the map.

After the overview, click into a couple of building pages in the LeaseUp survey. Show them building photos, floor plans, available spaces. Talk about market dynamics that you see happening in general in the surrounding neighborhoods.

Pick one of the buildings to dive into more, and walk through why you think this is probably the best fit for them. Again, you’re showing the prospective client photos, building data, and even building flyers that you’ve added to the building page.

As you start getting feedback from that prospect, put it in a comment so they get an idea of how quickly you can capture notes and feedback in one central place.

Immerse clients in LeaseUp’s digital experience

Zooming out from the specific buildings in the survey, the next thing you can do is talk about the process of working together in LeaseUp.

Talk about the data that you’ve put into the survey, where it’s come from, your ability to provide them with the most accurate and up-to-date information because the surveys are dynamic and can be updated as changes happen in the marketplace.

Our users tell us all the time that the deliverable their clients get from LeaseUp make it easier for them to make confident decisions. It’s important for the prospect to experience LeaseUp first hand, so they can see how seamless and frictionless an experience it is. Invite them to the project via the project team window so they can see the survey and look through the building pages on their own. Ask them to leave comments for you so you can keep the conversation going.

Use LeaseUp for organic post-meeting follow ups

Using LeaseUp in the pitch, and sharing the project with them, all of a sudden you have a hook in that prospect and you just wowed them in that meeting.

You create a two-way dialogue where you're able to start adding new information into LeaseUp, and letting them know about the updates in real time.

The clients start getting email notifications that you’ve added new data. This will encourage them to go back in, click through LeaseUp to see what’s available to them, and start taking actions on things like favoriting or marking a building as not interested.

All of a sudden, they’re using LeaseUp. And you can seamlessly transition that tool you used for a pitch into a tool to get them on a tour, and eventually into a signed lease.

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