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February 8, 2023

LeaseUp announces global partnership with SVN International

Our global partnership will help SVN teams facilitate complex deals

Light gray background with the SVN and LeaseUp logos side by side
Light gray background with the SVN and LeaseUp logos side by side

LeaseUp is thrilled to announce our global partnership with SVN International, helping their brokerage teams across the world facilitate complex deals.

“SVN’s approach to data, collaboration, and technology in service of their clients is impressive,” said LeaseUp founder and CEO Kurt Chisholm.

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with SVN to arm their brokers with tools to get deals done faster and give their clients the best experience in CRE.”

This partnership is rooted in more than business — Kurt has a personal connection to SVN as well:

“This is a special moment for LeaseUp, and for me. The CRE world lost a great leader last year in the passing of SVN’s CEO Kevin Maggiacomo. When I was still a broker I met with Kevin to tell him about an idea I had of building a platform for brokers that facilitates the tenant rep transaction. Kevin gave me advice and inspiration and pushed me to build it. I’m so happy to see this come full circle and now begin to provide SVN brokers globally with LeaseUp, the CRE deal platform.”

Through projects including their Master License program, which extends SVN’s culture and business model to aspiring CRE professionals around the world, SVN International is expanding their global footprint. LeaseUp is excited to provide the digital tools SVN Intl teams need to drive deals forward in a data- and tech-driven way.

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