December 6, 2022


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What is a digital CRE deal platform?

Brokers need digital tools to get more deals done. Here’s what to look for in commercial real estate software.

A dark green on light green illustration of a website with a list of cards stacked vertically on the left and drawings of buildings on the right in the shape of a skyline.
A dark green on light green illustration of a website with a list of cards stacked vertically on the left and drawings of buildings on the right in the shape of a skyline.
Article summary: A digital CRE deal platform like LeaseUp centralizes data and tasks for brokerage teams. Learn how this type of software streamlines collaboration, project management, and client communication, enhancing efficiency in commercial real estate.

For most commercial real estate brokerage teams, the day-to-day involves a dozen different apps and software services. Email outreach and marketing, social media lead generation and follow-ups, CRM tools, digital document signing — these are just a few common examples. 

You probably have separate apps for sharing deal-critical documents, a different app for communicating with your team members internally across departments, and a separate channel for communicating with clients.

A CRE deal platform is dedicated software for commercial real estate that centralizes deal data and tasks.

What is a CRE deal platform?

A CRE deal platform is a platform like Docusign for legal docs, or Dealhub for sales, but with a laser focus on the commercial real estate transaction. Client communications, survey and tour book PDF design, document storage, chat history… a solid digital CRE deal platform gives brokers one central place to do all of this.

It’s a workspace for collaboration, project management, coordinating different teams, and delivering a frictionless client experience. The best CRE deal platform will replace many third-party tools in the modern tenant rep toolkit, like replacing Google Maps for building out tour itineraries, or replacing shared spreadsheets for side-by-side comparisons of building data.

How a CRE deal platform handles data

With other digital tools, it's common for data to be shared between all users. That means that when one person makes changes to a piece of data, that change is reflected in the work of every user of the software.

A CRE deal platform is a dedicated workspace for your tenant rep deal data. You have control over all of the data on the platform, how it’s shared with team members, and how it’s presented to clients. No one can make changes to market data you’re using in surveys unless you’ve invited them to do so.

A CRE deal platform is a personal workspace, where the user owns their own commercial real estate data and decides how/where it is shared.

Why a digital experience is important in commercial real estate

Think about life before Docusign, Zillow, or Amazon… Much of our business is done via app today. The old way of getting deals done is cumbersome by comparison, and leaves money on the table.

The commercial real estate industry has been slow to adapt to this change. The industry still relies too much on clunky spreadsheets for surveys, expensive printouts for tour books, and painfully complicated email chains with clients.

Tenant rep brokers are happiest when they can focus on getting deals done, delegating most of the time-consuming manual work of the process. That’s how a CRE deal platform helps brokerage teams: it saves time on manual work and lets them focus on adding value.

Just as importantly, clients prefer the digital experience. They don’t want to flip through a 100-page PDF, they want to click properties on an interactive map and see the different options available to them, leaving quick yes or no feedback in real time. They want technology to make the transaction experience easier and more efficient, just like the apps they use for every other part of their life.

LeaseUp is the CRE deal platform

LeaseUp is built with the goal of helping brokers get more deals done, faster and more efficiently. One way we do that is by focusing on the broker/client relationship and using tech to eliminate as many time-wasting pain points as possible.

On LeaseUp, you’re in full control of your data. You get to decide who sees what, what’s shown to client vs team members. Even internally, you have full control over who can access and edit your work/data.

LeaseUp is the commercial real estate platform for the modern brokerage with a digital experience clients love.

Melissa Kennedy, Director of Property Research and Compliance at Partners, told us recently: “As we all know, everything's becoming digital. The big hurdle was finding a platform that had everything we needed. After quite some time spent researching different companies, we decided to go with LeaseUp.”

And Katarina Gourlay, Director of Real Estate & Franchise Development at Orangetheory Fitness, says about our CRE deal platform: “LeaseUp is easy to use. The reports look professional and up to par for our high standard.”

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