Getting Started


No. 1

Create your first project

Projects are the place to organize your work and collaborate in LeaseUp

Dark green background with a LeaseUp project screen showing 2 surveys.

Everything in LeaseUp is organized around projects. A project includes all of the surveys, tour books, and conversations with clients/team members. Think of them as folders where all of the data related to a search is kept.

To create a project, navigate to the home page and click the ‘Create Project’ button. Name the project in the field that pops up. Add your client’s company name, then an address and client logo if you want.

On the project page, below the project name, you can add details like search requirements to remind everyone on the team what the primary goal of the search is.

You can also change the project's status on the top right of the project page. Moving a project from draft, to search, to proposal, to signed lets your whole team know what stage the project is in at all times.

Ready for the next step? Learn how to add a survey to your project.