February 21, 2023

How to use PDF layouts in LeaseUp

Choose from polished layout options in LeaseUp’s PDF creation tool

Off white background with line drawing illustrations of of different page designs in LeaseUp
Off white background with line drawing illustrations of of different page designs in LeaseUp

LeaseUp’s PDF creation tool has a built-in layouts feature that lets you customize PDFs with a simple and intuitive interface, based on data-rich surveys built with the LeaseUp CRE deal platform.

Currently, we have different layout options for cover pages, map pages, and building comparison pages, with layouts for more LeaseUp PDF page types on the way.

Layouts overview

Cover page layouts

LeaseUp includes three layout designs for how the cover page displays. The default cover page layout includes a customizable cover image, and a page-wide box including the survey title and other information in the bottom part of the page.

The full page image layout puts more emphasis on the cover image, putting the survey information in a smaller box to the bottom left of the page.

Both the default cover page and full page image layout include crucial details, like the survey name, your firm’s logo, the names of the brokers/team members responsible for the survey, and an optional subtitle.

A third custom cover page layout removes the box with survey information entirely, using only the cover image you upload.

Map page layouts

There are three layout options for how a map displays, depending on the amount of detail you want to provide on this page.

The default map page layout shows a large map in the upper half of the page, with a simple list of addresses from buildings in the survey in the bottom half of the page.

The building fields map page layout shows the same map in the upper half of the page, with a more detailed list of building fields in the table below. This list is based on the details you’ve added to each building in the survey, and within LeaseUp’s PDF creator you can toggle different building fields to appear or not appear in the map page.

The large map layout includes a map on the left half of the page, with a list of building addresses on the right. This layout may be more useful if the properties in the survey cover a wide north/south spread.

In all three of the map page layouts you can show the map at three different levels of zoom, providing more or less surrounding area for context.

Building comparison page layouts

The Compare page under Building Pages provides an at-a-glance comparison of all the available spaces within a building. There are two layouts for building comparison pages in a LeaseUp PDF.

The default building comparison layout shows the building’s name and address up top, side-by-side comparisons of each space’s photo, name and description, and a table below comparing whichever space details you choose (for example: floor #, rentable sqft, base rent, etc).

The spaces as rows building comparison layout allows for more spaces to be compared on a single building comparison page, useful if there are a lot of spaces within one building in a survey. It saves space by automatically shrinking the photos to a thumbnail in a more space-efficient comparison table.

The more data and photos your buildings and spaces have in the survey, the more customization options you’ll have when creating a PDF.

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